Sandstone cutting machines

Stone cutting machines, build them big to cut big stone. All of our stone is quarried on site at Basket Range Sandstone’s quarry in the majestic Adelaide Hills. Because we have a very fractured resource, our stone is extracted only using an 80 tonne excavator, no blasting required. This process leaves us with a lot of weirdly shaped rocks, not as flat and laminar as Carey Gully Sandstone, making it necessary to cut the rocks into a workable shape.

Sandstone cutting machine
A custom made gang saw, 4 x 1200mm blades, 120hp diesel motor, hydraulic speed control and blade height adjustment. 4 removable pods on a 10m long run. Perfect for making our building stone with spacers @ 110, 162 and 248mm
Custom made sandstone cutting saw
Custom made gang saw, 4 x 900mm diamond blades, 100hp diesel motor, electric trolley drive. Perfect for cutting our Sawn Wallers, with spacers set at 80 and 162mm

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