Veneer and Block Products

Sandstone Building Block and Veneer for beautiful homes

Sandstone Cladding/Veneer, adding flair to your old home
Basket Range Sandstone veneer is cut to match standard brick coursing at 76mm, 162mm, 248mm high by roughly 25-30mm thick. All stone unless specifically ordered is cut at random lengths. This veneer otherwise known as cladding is mainly used in lieu of solid stone. Especially when there is already a solid substrate to attach to (e.g. to beautify homes like an old brick facade, or fireplace).

If you plan to build a new home with a sandstone facade, its generally more economical to build with solid stone. This is because you would need to have a suitable substrate (something like brick or concrete block) made and then the veneer stuck on top of it. If you go with block you need only to lay the block in the same way you would lay a brick wall.

Unless otherwise noted all building sandstone is fully dimensioned and finished ready for laying (no size cutting or preparation is required).  The sandstone block is cut to match standard brick coursing at 76mm, 162mm and 248mm high by 110mm thick.  All stone unless specifically ordered is cut at random lengths.

Sandstone cut to specific sizes will have a 20% surcharge added.

Sawn 110mm Bricks

110 Sawn Bricks for modern architectural homes Stone cut at 110mm x 110mm by random lengths, easily produced to compete with brick but maintaining the natural colours and textures of stone. As an added bonus it is easy to lay in the normal brick stretcher bond pattern (please note this stone will not mix in with standard 76mm brick)
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Sawn Face

Stone straight from the saw cut 6 sides, unsanded with possible saw marks
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Honed Face

Perfectly flat sanded stone, for a modern lookSawn stone sanded smooth, used in random ashlar pattern for a more classic look or stretcher bond (coursed) for a modern look
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Bush Hammered

Bush Hammered FinishBush Hammered, best described as a sawn stone with the face roughed up with a meat tenderiser to give the appearance of old weathered stone
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Quarry Face

Quarry Face Block Highlighting the natural colours and textures of natural sandstone“Hand” selected natural quarry stone with flat face.  Ideal for old world/cottage look.
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Miners Pick, Hen Pecked and Comb Finished

Hen Pecked

Sawn Stone made to match traditional picked stone finishes. The pick finish of these stones can be matched to existing stone for renovation work
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Comb Finish
Heavy Hen Peck


Bolstered Edge

Bolstered Face to match traditional bolstered edge stone finishes.  The finish of these stones can be worked to match existing stone for renovation work
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Rock Face

Dressed stone, with protruding face, traditionally used on Bungalow and Tudor homes.  The finished stone is free of any comb or bolster markings and can be ordered to match existing stone for renovation work.
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Natural Rock Face *New Product*

NaturalRockface1Bolstered edge stone, with protruding natural face. The edge of the block is bolstered to create defined joints, with the natural face untouched leaving the colours and texture for an interesting finish.
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Pudding Face

Rounded, protruded face stone.
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Random Quarry Face Veneer

A random quarry face veneer about 25-35mm thick used to make a wall look like it has been built out of solid random stone
(approx. 2.5m2/t)
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Margin Drafts

Rockface Full margin draft
Rockface Full margin draft
Clean cut edge to beautify corners with pudding face and rock face block

Stone Matching

Stone matched to exisiting stonework to an extension.