Random Paving, pavers, crazy pave – Basket Range Sandstone

Basket Range Sandstone’s Random Paving is a 50mm thick random shaped paver used for that old world crazy pave look. The uniform thickness of this stone makes for easy laying on any surface (eg. sand or mortar). Sizes vary. As shown in the gallery below our paving has been used for natural pool coping and majestic pathways.

Our all natural South Australian sandstone pavers are cut top and bottom to 50mm and making them easy to lay on a compacted sand or mortar bed. Random Paving has also been used for stair cases, steps, stepping stones and even stood up on edge for garden edging. The possibilities for projects using this stone are limited only by your imagination!

If you are looking for a natural (rather than a cut) face paver please have a look at our Flagstone from Carey Gully Sandstone