Basket Range Sandstone Newsletter Volume 8 – 2017

In this Issue:

  • Introduction
  • Go Green with Sandstone
  • Product in profile
    Hen Peck Finish
  • Product in profile
    Carey Gully Bobcat Boulders

G’day Everyone,

Welcome to our latest quarterly newsletter. As you can see in the photos, we had a great time at the Uraidla Show this year. Our display attracted a lot of interest and the Front End Loader was definitely a hit with the kids.

In this issue we have a look at our Basket Range Hen Pecked Sandstone along with Carey Gully’s Bobcat Wallers.

Please don’t forget to send through any photos of your finished projects so we can feature them on the website or our next newsletter.

All The Best From BRS.

The Basket Range Sandstone Uraidla Show Logo

The Basket Range Sandstone Uraidla Show 2017

Basket Range Sandstone As seen on Channel 7 News, Weather Report, Nov 5 2017
As seen on Channel 7 News, Weather Report, Nov 5 2017

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Product Information

Go Green with Sandstone

Basket Range Sandstone extracts sandstone in the Adelaide Hills. We shape and cut the stone to size in the quarry itself. No transport means no carbon miles. Our sandstone has a high thermal inertia which means it takes longer for external temperature changes to pass through the wall. This equates to less heating and cooling, which in turn saves energy and money.

Basket Range Sandstone Rock Face
Basket Range Sandstone Quarry Face

Basket Range Sandstone Random Quarry Face Veneer
Basket Range Sandstone Random Wallers

Did You Know?

Stone takes roughly 600% less energy to produce than bricks or concrete both of which need firing before they can be used.

Basket Range Sandstone Sawn Wallers

By using local natural sandstone you can do your part caring for the earth at the same time supporting a local company actively trying to preserve and improve our natural environment.
Next time you consider using a product think about the amount of energy consumed in it’s production and transport. A local company supplying natural products improves our economy and brings us closer to a clean, green future.

Here are some other great environmental benefits of building with our sandstone.

  • Very low embodied energy (the energy used to create the product)
  • Very little waste (we use all the stone we quarry)
  • No chemicals or poisons used to cure / alter our stone
  • Recyclable

There are benefits for you too.

  • Little or no maintenance
  • Resistant to weathering, allowing innovative uses
  • The beauty of natural stone
  • Long lifespan
  • Timeless style and high resale value

Basket Range Sandstone Honed Veneer
Basket Range Sandstone Pudding Face

Product In Profile

Hen Pecked

The Hen Peck finish is reminiscent of older style homes, because of the nature of the stone available at the time. Most early stone homes were built using stone that had not been cut square. To make the stone square, the mason had to shape the stone by hand. Utilizing different tools they were able to produce a flatter face and edges, this in turn had the side effect of leaving tool marks on the face, resembling the hen pecked effect.

As with all of our stone products each one is hand crafted and has its own unique character, making matching existing finishes easy. Hen pecked stone is usually laid in the traditional random ashlar pattern, flush pointed with a ruled and painted line to accentuate the individual stones.

Basket Range Sandstone Miners Pick

Basket Range Sandstone Hen Pecked
Basket Range Sandstone Hen Peck Sample
Basket Range Sandstone Miners Pick
Basket Range Sandstone Miners Pick

Product in Profile

Carey Gully Sandstone Bocat Wallers

Greene Eden - Nature Play Bobcat Wallers
Greene Eden – Nature Play Bobcat Wallers

Dig It Landscapes - Nature Play Bobcat Wallers
Dig It Landscapes – Nature Play Bobcat Wallers

John Rogers Earthmoving - Hand Selected Bobcat Wallers
John Rogers Earthmoving – Hand Selected Bobcat Wallers
Hand Selected Bobcat Wallers
Hand Selected Bobcat Wallers

Carey Gully Sandstone Bobcat Wallers
Bobcat Wallers

Carey Gully Bobcat Wallers are naturally flat and great for edging or large dry stack retaining walls.

As the stone weight is between 1/4t – 1/2t (small) and 1/2t to 1t (large) you will require a machine to help manoeuvre the stone into place.

There are a lot of Nature Playgrounds, which are being constructed using our Bobcat Wallers. The wallers are great for climbing, sitting or used as a sandpit edge.

We will generally have stock and you are welcome to come by the quarry and pick out your own, or we can organise delivery.

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