Basket Range Sandstone Newsletter Vol 9 – 2018

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  • Introduction
  • Product In Profile
    Stone Bricks
  • Product in profile
    Sawn Wallers
  • Completed Projects

G’day Everyone,

In this issue, we have a look at 110mm Sandstone Bricks and Sawn Wallers from Basket Range. We also have some great photos that have been sent in, which we hope will give you some inspiration.

We have had the privilege of supplying stone to match the original stonework on the historic Crafers Hotel to a new alfresco dining area.

We hope that you enjoy the articles.

All the best from BRS.

The Crafers Hotel stone is a Hen Pecked / Bush Hammered Veneer

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Product In Profile

Stone Bricks

Basket Range Sandstone has been producing 110 x 110 solid sandstone bricks for a while now. We created this product to make sandstone accessible to anyone, being easier to lay and also less expensive than traditional sandstone block.
Each stone is sawn on all sides and they come in random lengths, making them a beautiful and natural substitute for normal bricks.
The Mountford Williamson Architecture picture (middle right) was made from Carey Gully Stone Bricks. This was our first attempt with stone bricks from Carey Gully and the difference in colour and pattern from Basket Range stone gives this property a unique style.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to get a quote.

Alan Sheppard Constructions
Mountford Williamson Architecture – Carey Gully Stone Bricks
Seppeltsfield Winery – Basket Range Stone Bricks
Mountford Williamson Architecture – Carey Gully Stone Bricks
Alan Sheppard Constructions – Basket Range Stone Bricks

Product In Profile

Sawn Wallers

With all this good weather we’ve been having, it’s time to create the garden that you have always wanted. Our Basket Range Sawn Wallers are so easy to lay you will consider yourself a master stonemason by the end of the job. Don’t forget to ask for our helpful DIY Guide to get you started.
Our Sawn Wallers come in 3 heights; 80mm (half), 160mm (full), and a 110mm one for shorter walls or a coursed/modern look. Each stone is cut top and bottom making them easy to stack while maintaining the natural faces’ colour and texture.
For a traditional dry stack wall look, we suggest using the 80mm and 160mm together in a (160mm)2:1 ratio, as it has a more rustic appearance.
We sell sawn wallers by the tonne and the coverage is approximately 2.5m2 – 3m2 per tonne.
If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop in for a chat.

Custom Stonework – Sawn Wallers
Mixed Sawn Wallers
Hartshorne Landscaping – Dry Stack Sawn Wallers
110mm Sawn Wallers
The Great Outdawes – Dry Stack Sawn Wallers
The Great Outdawes – Sawn Wallers

Completed Projects

The Great Outdawes
Jason Kuusk – Dry Stack Sawn Wallers

JRM Stonework – Mortared Sawn Wallers

John Rogers Earthmoving – Carey Gully Bobcat Wallers

The Great Outdawes – Dry Stack Sawn Wallers
A1 Stonemasonry – Basket Range Random Wallers
John Rogers Earthmoving – Carey Gully Bobcat Wallers
Private Residence – Basket Range Quarry Face
Soriano Homes – Basket Range Quarry Face
These are just a few photos of completed projects that have been sent in recently. All you need to do is send us your information and some great photos and we will display them in our newsletter and on our website.

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