Go Green with Sandstone – Buy Green, Buy Local, Use Local

Basket Range Sandstone extracts sandstone from the Adelaide Hills. We shape and cut the stone to size in the quarry itself. No transport, no carbon miles. Our sandstone has a high thermal inertia to insulate against external temperature variations. Less cooling, less heating, Saves energy, saves money.

Here are some other great environmental benefits of building with sandstone.

  • Very low embodied energy (Energy used to create the product)
  • Very little waste (We use all the stone we extract)
  • No chemicals or poisons used to cure/alter our stone
  • Recyclable

There are benefits for you too.

  • Little or no maintenance
  • Resistant to weathering allowing innovative uses
  • The beauty of natural stone for all to see
  • Long lifespan of solid stone
  • Timeless style and high resale value

By using local natural sandstone you can do your part caring for the earth, by supporting a local company actively trying to preserve and improve our natural environment.

Next time you consider using a product think about the amount of energy consumed in it’s production and transport. A local company supplying natural products improves our economy and brings us closer to a clean, green future.

Random Wallers Fireplace
Honed Sandstone Block
Honed Sandstone Block

Did you Know?

Stone takes approximately 600% less energy to produce than bricks or concrete, both of which need firing before they can be used.

Rock Face Sandstone Sandstone

If you have any questions about our sandstone please feel free to call or visit us here at Basket Range Sandstone.

Bolstered Edge Sandstone
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