Basket Range Sandstone Newsletter Vol 2 – 2015


  • Introduction
  • Product in profile – Sawn Wallers
  • Carey Gully Sandstone Update

In this issue we will be focusing on our most popular product Sawn Wallers.

We also have an update on our Carey Gully product range.

We would like to thank the people who sent in pictures of their completed work using our stone, please keep them coming.

You can visit our website for a look at their pictures and the stonemasons contact information. (Click here)

162mm and 80mm Sawn Wallers
162mm Sawn Wallers Mortared

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Product In Profile

Sawn Wallers

These beautiful natural face blocks come in three sizes which can be dry stacked or mortared.

This product is cut top and bottom to make it easierĀ  for the DIY enthusiast to achieve the olde worlde dry stacked look.

Use just one size, placed uniformly for a modern coursed finish, or combine two sizes (162mm & 80mm) to create a rustic / random pattern.

These photos demonstrateĀ  the countless finishing options. The addition of lighting creates a serenely beautiful effect, with the natural rock face providing an interesting texture.

The sizes that are available:Ā  80mm, 110mm & 162mm

Please have a look at our stockists/display centres page to find a stockist near you (Click Here)

Mixed Sawn Wallers with lighting daylight

162mm and 80mm Sawn Wallers plus Random Paving
162mm and 80mm Sawn Wallers docked
Mixed Sawn Wallers with lighting night time

Pictured above:
Mixed Sawn Wallers
(162mm & 80mm)

Pictured left:
Docked Sawn Wallers (mixed), Sawn Wallers 162mm & 80mm with paving

Pictured below left:
Sawn Wallers side by side to show with and without lighting

Pictured below:
Sawn Wallers 110mm
Dry stacked

110mm Sawn Wallers Dry Stack

Carey Gully Sandstone Update

We have recently blasted and are now sorting the rock into various sizes. These different types of rocks are ready to be picked from.

Since the blast we now have a wider range of sandstone products to choose from. The pictures on the left show a few of the products that Carey Gully Sandstone has to offer.

Our most popular products like our Random Stone are great for garden walls or our Large Boulders for garden decor. Whatever your taste, you are sure to find the right stone for your garden at Carey Gully.

The quarry is currently open Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8am to 4pm. But you are able to place an order with us at any time on 8390 3420.

All you need to do is bring your ute, trailer or truck and we can load you up or you are welcome to pick out your own. For further information regarding Carey Gully pricing, deliveries etc. please give us a call.

Carey Gully Sandstone Entrance
Carey Gully Sandstone Entrance
Flagstones, Large flat thin slabs
Flagstones, Large flat thin slabs
Large Stone Wallers 1/2 - 3 tonne
Large Stone Wallers 1/2 – 3 tonne
Bobcat Boulders
Bobcat Boulders
Carey Gully Random Wallers
Carey Gully Random Wallers
Large Boulders 1/2 - 4 tonne
Large Boulders 1/2 – 4 tonne

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