Basket Range Newsletter Vol 1 2015

Basket Range Sandstone Newsletter Vol 1 2015

Newsletter Vol 1 2015 (PDF Version)

Basket Range Steve Harper SWSandstone is proud to present our quarterly newsletter. The main aim ofJKB Landscaping this newsletter is so we can showcase our products and give you great ideas for your home and garden. Each quarter we will focus on a different product. Neil Mullard, the new owner and operator of Basket Range Sandstone, has restored this iconic business to it’s former glory. Since Feb 2013 Neil and Colony Homeshis team have steadily increased this magnificent quarry’s productivity with hard work, careful planning and a keen sense of opportunity, so we can once again produce quality sandstone.

If you have completed a job using Basket Range Sandstone, please email us some pictures and all your information and we will be happy to showcase your work on our website and in our newsletters.

Hills Classic

Product in Profile – Random Wallers

Basket Range Sandstone’s Random Wallers are a great addition to your home or garden. This stone is a natural random stone approximately the size of a football. It is ideal for garden walls and edging etc. Our Random Wallers can also be used to build homes and used indoors for a nice feature wall, fireplace or anything in between. It is one of our most popular products at Basket Range Sandstone because of its’ sheer versatility. We hope this newsletter will give you some great ideas for your next sandstone project. Be sure to visit our website or visit the quarry to see our full range of products.



The Barker

Blade Wall

Landscape Feature

Welcome to Carey Gully Sandstone

Carey Gully Quarry Benches

We welcome you to Carey Gully Sandstone. Neil Mullard, of Basket Range Sandstone is the new owner and operator and will be producing quality sandstone once again.
The sandstone at Carey Gully is very popular as a landscaping product and is widely used for creating garden features. Carey Gully stone is characteristically hard, grey in colour with brown streaks.

We will be supplying Carey Gully’s traditional range of sandstone quarry rubble (20mm & 40mm), random wallers and 1, ½ and ¼ tonne stones for landscaping. They make a great addition to any garden.

Carey Gully Big Rocks

We will be using the resources of Basket Range Sandstone to manufacture cut and shaped stone as per Basket Range products.
Carey Gully quarry will currently be open for two days each week, but you may place an order at any time.

To place an order please call us on 08 8390 3420 or send us an email at

2318 Greenhill Rd
Carey Gully, 5144

Carey Gully Rubble

Carey Gully Entrance