Solid Building Stone

Basket Range Sandstone building stone has similar characteristics to that of many Adelaide Hills quarries which are now closed, making our product the best match for existing renovations and additions to Adelaide sandstone homes. There are many different styles and finishes available for new homes, from the timeless henpecked finish, to traditional hewn block, to rockface. Although we do attempt to satisfy all of our customer’s requirements, please note that as our product is a natural South Australian Sandstone and as with all natural materials variability in colour, texture and composition should be appreciated.

Sandstone has a much lower embodied energy than most other building products, only surpassed by wood and mud bricks. Locally produced stone minimises the carbon miles reducing the carbon footprint of your home. The high thermal inertia of natural sandstone will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, (in conjunction with quality insulation) reducing the cost of power.