Benefits of using Basket Range Sandstone

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  • Low embodied energy
  • Our sandstone has been naturally formed over millions of years, therefore it does not have to be fired or artificially hardened in anyway. The only energy used is the extraction, sorting and cutting of the stone.

  • Low carbon miles
  • Sourced directly from our quarry in the Adelaide Hills, and cut on site, our stone has not been transported around the country/world before arriving at your doorstep.

  • High thermal inertia
  • Sandstone due to its structure has a high thermal inertia, which means a house that is cooler in summer (takes longer to heat up) and warmer in winter (takes longer to cool down)

  • Low maintenance and minimal deterioration over the building life
  • Stone has been used as a building material for thousands of years, many of the buildings still stand today.

  • Our stone is eminently recyclable at the end of the building cycle
  • Stone unless damaged with salt damp will tend to be just as strong if not stronger (depending on when it came out of the ground) than when originally laid.

  • Maximise capital gains
  • Stone due to it’s strength and beauty will increase the value of your property

    Quarry Face 302

  • High aesthetic value – timeless style
  • Stone has always been regarded as a premium product, only accessible by the worlds elite. Basket Range Sandstone has been working hard to dispel this myth and have even created a few new product ranges which will bring stone closer to what you would expect to pay for brick, with the natural colour, variation and beauty of stone.

  • Natural product with individual variations
  • No two stone houses will ever look the same. Each stone extracted from our quarry has its own style, colour and texture that will make it stand out from the rest.

  • Design flexibility
  • Sandstone unlike other building materials can be modified to fit varying designs, without altering the strength or beauty of the stone.
    Historic Basket Range

  • South Australian owned and operated with local employees
  • Basket Range Sandstone is a South Australian family owned company, employing local people to extract, cut and shape the stone

  • Can be easily sourced at anytime for future renovations or extensions
  • Basket Range Sandstone has been supplying the South Australian market with quality building stone for over 100 years